April, May and June Events!


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Hey Key Clubbers!

These are the upcoming events for April, May and June. Many dates and event heads are ‘To Be Decided’ (TBD). I’ll update them as soon as they are determined. If you wish sign up for any of the event heads, Click Here.

Yours In Caring and Service,
Irene Cho

Spring Flower Sale (Dates below.)heart

Officers In Charge: Evan & Irene

Event Heads:

Marketing Director: Jae Shin

Postmaster: Ah Young Shin

Head Florist: Emily Kahn


April 23rd – Envelope organize & Make flyers

April 30th – Make flyers & hand out envelope

May 4 ~ 15th – Selling carnations at tables

May 15th– Collecting Envelopes (Or turn it in as soon as you are done with one)

May 19th – Delivery

This event is replacement for Valentine’s Day Carnation Sale. Students will purchase tags, writing a personal message to another student or teacher. Our job is to sell tags, organize tags, deliver carnations to homerooms to build the treasury for the club. Each envelope you sell is worth 1 service hour and the time you spend selling during your lunch will be counted as well!

Benefit Siena House (May 8, 6PM – 10PM)


Officer In Charge: Katherine

Event Head: TBD

Volunteer to raise money for the Siena House, temporary residence for homeless single mothers and children. Go to the church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel and help a committee raise money for Siena House. Cook food, serve dinner, and hand out gift baskets to raffle winners.

More Info: http://www.sienahouseshelter.org/ 

Red Day (May 7th, 3:20PM)Template_KeyClub_Brown car doodle reverse

Officer In Charge: Sam

Event Head: TBD

We need about 6-8 volunteers to help out with this event.
2 people will be needed at Kings in Cresskill and 2 at Stop and Shop around 3:20. 4 people will go to 25 Washington Street to deliver the boxes of food that we collected.

There will be a pizza party (free pizza YUM who wouldn’t want) and lots of photo ops as well!

Please let Kiana know if you can help out and tell her your T-shirt size. SHE NEEDS TO KNOW ASAP.

Key clubbers will be helping out at different supermarkets with collecting food and raising awareness for hunger. There are five destinations and we will be giving our time for a worthy cause.

Smith School Picnic (June 5th, 5:00PM – 8:00PM) Template_KeyClub_Brown coffee doodle reverse

Officer In Charge: Evan

Event Head: TBD

(Description coming soon!)

DCON Revisit (TBD)Peace

Officer In Charge: Kiana

Members will gather their parents, Kiwanis members, advisers, and faculty to tell them what happened at this year’s DCON, show case for parents on what awards Tenafly Key Club received, the district project, and more about Key Club as a whole. After dining, there may be few talent show performances.

Kiss a Senior Goodbye (June)heart

Officer In Charge: Kiana

Event Head: TBD

Sell message cards for students to write a farewell message to the graduating seniors, to go along with Hershey Kiss delivered during the graduation practice.

Graduation (June)Graduation

Officer In Charge: Sam

Event Head: TBS

Help at our High School Graduation in setting up, cleaning up, and handing out programs and water to help families get through the hot summer afternoon.

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